How we make it easy for you

Our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable for you to run a successful charity golf tournament.

We provide strong co-branding under The Big Hit banner, a website page tailored to your own event, communications and signups with sponsors, partners and supporters, players / teams, and the management of the host golf course. We handle registrations and communications, payments and receipting, the handicapping system, a model for your internal event production team to work to, and other elements in a structured process that makes running your own tournament as easy as possible. And of course we’re out there on the day managing the event.

We help you link with major event partner and supporters as well as celebrity players and/or speakers.

We can customise our process around your needs and the capacity of your team, and can run more or less of the event management process as needed.

For example, you might want to have a staff team work as a production team for the event (and/or play in the event) – making it a special event for your team. We will facilitate this process and provide the necessary structure. If your team is smaller we can take on more of that organising for you.

We’re happy to help you with events anywhere you want to run them, whether in Australia or beyond.

Who are TBH event management services for?

You could choose to use the services of The Big Hit if you’re a NFP, Charity, or corporate organisation with a strong social mission! You want to:

Raise funds towards a worthy cause;
Run an enjoyable and memorable event;
Reach new corporate partners and stakeholders, and connect with current partners in a new way;
Attract publicity for your cause through running a public event;
Enable key stakeholders and community members the chance to be involved, and reach out to the broader golf-playing community.